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Plagiarism is an unethical act of copying and pasting another’s work and presenting it as your own. It is a common problem in educational environments and in academic writing.


Copying entire sentences, paragraphs, or even whole documents from the Internet. This is called paraphrasing.

• Taking someone else’s ideas and passing them off as your own. This is called plagiarizing.

• Using someone else’s ideas and presenting them as your own without giving them credit. This is called plagiarizing.

• Changing someone else’s words in a document, presentation, essay, etc., without attribution. This is called copywriting or ghostwriting.

• Writing a whole paper without using any original content or ideas

How to escape from PLAGIARISM?

Our algorithm is designed to detect plagiarism in the most difficult cases. This is why we've created a plagiarism tool that doesn't depend on any specific text. Instead, our plagiarism tool looks at statistically common phrases and words that are used by many different authors and websites to find plagiarism.

I love this service because it makes my work easier. Not only does it catch plagiarized content automatically, but it also lets me know where and how the plagiarism has occurred.

Complete Scan report

Our plagiarism detection tool will highlight your text and provide you with a plagiarism score that indicates the proportion of unique and plagiarized content. The plagiarism score is based on the ratio of words that are similar to other texts, and is displayed in percentages.

You can choose the sources you want to match against your own content. If you have a long piece of writing, you can use one or multiple sources to match it. If you have just a few lines, you can use them all. We also offer you the option to exclude your own content from the detection.

No. 1 Plagiarism Checker

We have built a plagiarism detection tool into our website. This tool will help you find any duplication of your content across the web. Not only does it identify duplicate content, it also gives you information about the sources of your duplicated content. This is great because you can use this information to make informed decisions about whether or not to take legal action against a plagiarist.

High-speed plagiarism recognition

It's not only embarrassing, but it can also hurt your reputation as a writer. You don't want to be known as someone who is willing to cheat to pass his assignments. That's why I recommend using a free plagiarism checker before submitting your work. Not only does this confirm that you haven't copied anything from anywhere, but it also gives you the opportunity to fix any mistakes before you submit your work.

We are a web-based company and we are always looking to improve our service. So, we have come up with a plagiarism checker that is not only free, but also the most accurate one available. It uses Google to find the original work, and it will detect any instances of plagiarism.

How the plagiarism checker Works?

As I have noted in the introduction, the plagiarism scanner is a free service that uses a plagiarism database, such as the Google Plagiarism Checker. You simply enter the paper that you want to check into the service and the results are displayed on the website

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the word limit to check plagiarism?

In there is no word limit for checking plagiarism

  • How many times can I check plagiarism?

Yes, You can check you documents multiple times

  • Is plagiarism checker free for lifetime?

Yes, plagiarism checker free for lifetime

  • How long will it take to check for plagiarism?

It will only seconds to check for plagiarism.

  • Who can use plagiarism checker?

Our plagiarism checker tool is specially designed for STUDENTS, BLOGGERS, TEACHERS, WRITERS, FREELANCERS, CONTENT WRITERS etc.

  • Will save our data?

No, Freetoolsforseo will never saves the users data