What is SEO? 

Search Enginer Optimization

SEO is the optimization of websites for search engines. It is a set of techniques whose goal is to make the structure of sites user-friendly to search engines and to leave it well positioned in the search does not pay.

ON Page

Internal Site Factors:
- Good use and placement of keywords;
- Good user browsing experience.
- Relevant content;
- Clear and short URLs.

OFF Page

External factors:
- Authorisade of the page pointing to the article;
- Number of links to the site;
- References that point to your page.

  • 28% of clicks happen on paid search.
  • 72% of clicks happen on organic search.
  • 64% of search engine users are just the first page of results.

Remember that more than applying tactics, SEO is content. So offer original and relevant materials.

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